TVYFH Fall 2024 Season Registration coming soon

New Team Snap Registration Module

The new Team Snap registration module has new functionality that allows us to combine the registration into one form for all age groups.  The new registration form will display the cost of registration as being the price for LATE registration, but the checkout process will automatically discount your registration to either Early Bird pricing (28% discount prior to June 1st) or Regular Registration (20% Discount prior to July 1st).   We have also added installment plan pricing which allows for you to pay 40% of the registration as a down payment and then 30% installments over the following 2 months.   The full pricing structure is displayed down below.   Please reach out to if you have any questions about registration.

Team Early Bird Registration (Now - May 31st) Regular Registration (June 1st - June 30th) Late Registration Fee (After July 1st)
1st / 2nd Grade$45.00$50.00$62.50
3rd / 4th Grade No Uniform$90.00$100.00$125.00
3rd / 4th Grade with Jersey - $25 (No Skort)$115.00$125.00$150.00
3rd / 4th Grade with Skort - $25 (No Jersey)$115.00$125.00$150.00
3rd / 4th Grade with Full Uniform - $50$140.00$150.00$175.00
5th / 6th Grade No Uniform$90.00$100.00$125.00
5th / 6th Grade with Jersey - $25 (No Skort)$115.00$125.00$150.00
5th / 6th Grade with Skort - $25 (No Jersey)$115.00$125.00$150.00
5th / 6th Grade with Full Uniform -$50$140.00$150.00$175.00

About Twin Valley Youth Field Hockey Club

The Twin Valley Youth Field Hockey Club was created with the intent to promote the sport of field hockey to youth girls in a competitive, fun, and safe environment where they can learn the basic essentials of the sport.

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