TVYFH Fall 2023 Season Registration

Team Early Bird Registration (Now - May 31st) Regular Registration (June 1st - June 30th) Late Registration Fee (July 1st - July 15th)
1st / 2nd Grade$45$50$60
3rd / 4th Grade No Uniform$90$100$120
3rd / 4th Grade with Jersey - $25 (No Skort)$115$125$145
3rd / 4th Grade with Skort - $25 (No Jersey)$115$125$145
3rd / 4th Grade with Full Uniform - $50$140$150$170
5th / 6th Grade No Uniform$90$100$120
5th / 6th Grade with Jersey - $25 (No Skort)$115$125$145
5th / 6th Grade with Skort - $25 (No Jersey)$115$125$145
5th / 6th Grade with Full Uniform -$50$140$150$170

About Twin Valley Youth Field Hockey Club

The Twin Valley Youth Field Hockey Club was created with the intent to promote the sport of field hockey to youth girls in a competitive, fun, and safe environment where they can learn the basic essentials of the sport.

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PO Box 708 
Morgantown, Pennsylvania 19543